Hair Stylist Irvine

Hair Stylist Irvine

As a hair stylist in Irvine I pride myself in providing my clients with friendly, fast, and fabulous service. Styling hair has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. When I was 9 I began styling my own mothers hair and that ignited a fire within me that has yet to be extinguished.

What makes a good hair stylist?

For me, finding success as a hair stylist means taking the time to listen to my clients. There’s a common saying that goes “hair stylists make the best psychologists.” Many of my clients have become close friend after rehashing the ups, downs, and dramas of their lives, Having said that, the most significant act of listening I make is during the initial consultation, before their service. It is imperative that we have communicate clearly and are on the same page. This enables me to provide you with best service possible.

Another important aspect of being a good hair stylist is staying on top of the latest trends, and doing my best to interpret those trends in a way that integrates well with my clients’ style. Likewise, being a slave to fashion trends can hold you back. So I try my best to balance my style, your style, and the current styles in society.

hair stylist irvine


I cut and style hair for women, men, and children. Additionally, I do color, highlights, Ombre Highlights, up dos, deep conditioning, threading, permanent make up, microblading, and much more.

Give me a call


If you’re near the Irvine area and are seeking a quality hair stylist then please feel free to call me at 949.678.5172

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